ARtisT StaTeMenT

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Artist Statement- Self invention is Self alone and Self of all* Not required 2 b read.....

The arts, written expression and music became from early on a resource and inspiration for my own creativity, which took a very personal direction in its development. Being creative helped me to take life as I lived and experienced it around me, into areas often untaught and unknown throughout childhood.

I had the emotional, mental and soul searching need to channel my internal turmoil and understandings into context.

I started in my home country Germany with more traditional arts, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, writing and singing opera.

My inquisitiveness and learning of these subjects pulled me toward less traditional art expression as I wanted to intensify my first hand knowledge by becoming a life artist.

My art practices examined prosaic activities and human conditions under a microscope and why they exist as they do. Wanting to find meaning, in who I was as an individual, but also what the world meant around me, I chose to travel. I put my examination into the format of a 35mm camera of what I experienced. Living for months at a time in different parts of Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and U.S.A., I documented by writing and photographing, my visions and ascertainments about different cultures. Most photographs were black and white or selective colored images, with which I continue to experiment with by double imaging, solarizing and other dark room practices, deepening my work.

Throughout the time I traveled, I was introduced to street performance, which awakened my interest in performance art and dance.

I moved to the U.S.A. focusing on crafting a living, breathing movement repertoire about my travels and I joined performance/dance groups of all sorts. Furthermore, I was interested in the dynamics of movement itself.

Experimenting artistically and technically in videography, expanding my photographic learning into motion, as well as sound, music and further performance/dance resulted in a degree in IATECH and dance at the University of Wisconsin.

I look at each of theses art forms individually and/or in combination, merging art and technology into other perspectives of artistic expression.

I continue to explore all other art forms I have worked in as well, as there are infinite ways to deepen their unique disciplines.