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Hi, I am Manu, originally from Munich,Germany, living in the U.S. since almost 20 years.
I try 2 create instinctively, as an active participant, as well as a studying observer + with my love 4 various art forms.
from static arts, photography in particular, videography to music and movement/ dance.
I have no limits to what media I use, or what aesthetics; conceptual, technical or simply so. I appreciate the excitement of a first time moment. Yet I also like to apply my know how,
2 continue my growth as an artist and keep a balanced sanity.
Because I am a performer as well as a visual artist- I have a rich palette of creativity to paint my works from.
I attained experience throughout many years in one place or traveling, painting, drawing, taking photographs, making mosaics + jewelry...
Most of my visual works are a process of documenting times of my life in their beautiful simplicity _ as well as my internal complexity _ using my thoughts, feelings, body/hands _ in a room, on paper, through a lens _ in my garden + preparing culinary delights _ or playing with pencils, brushes, glass, broken stuff.
I live my life similarly in any way possible expressed and experienced. Broken or intact.
I believe that ultimately everyone might try to live their life as if it was one unique piece of art _ self invented + well lived.
Enjoy! Ciao Manu
Come visit/find me ,I luv fans!
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Lots of images, not on this Intro site r available.

Much appreciation + Many blessings

Ciao Manu 

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