Poetry/ Words

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Left and right and straight I walk.
every day's light closer and steadier on my path I hope.
takin it lighter to live and laugh.
enhaling it deeper for its truth.
with greatest intention.
knowing but knowing nothin'.
finding me.
along the way.
from past ignitions.
in my today.
into my heart.
into my mouth.
into my gut.
feet on the ground.
heart on my sleeve.

I stop, stand still:
to reconnect-feel-taste-the
little light shining
with the smile of Miko's eyes
when she loves me so.
my pounding heart in my throat when I am at loss of words.
to be closer to home then ever known.
the sounds that resonate from within me into my ears.
the stories I tell on a on a thread of film.
my hands creating within for without.
the taste of the food I chop on my tongue.
my warm wool comforter on a cold day.
Pomi's squeaks to welcome me in the morning.
with the sound of birds when the day rises.
across ripples on the lake.

folds of time wrapping me up unlike any others.
and forever changed.
I am.
the scent of lillies and lavender.
sensual delight.
earthy wet ground of solitude.
humble self of the immense.
wind touching my skin growing my wings.
across abyss.
the kindred spirits along my way.
little light shining.

moments in the tips of my fingers.
crafting my history.
crafting the deep in me.
not to cling on.
yet to love into my bones.
pushing me forward.
when I am stuck.
the moment of moments
to pick me up when I fall.
when shit happens.
as it always will.

the times when I think of you.
reconnect with you.
with me.

my heart remembers of what is true.