The whole Onion.....

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I offer a variety of photographic services
portrait, wedding/group settings, personalized as well as custom tailored work you may desire locally.
I will assist you with your unique and individual needs to realize your visual ideas with my inutitive, creative understanding and equally attained craftsmanship over the last 20+ years.
My rates are reasonable and vary depending on the particular shoot.
You can visit my sell sites directly
or click on any photograph on this site for sale and you will be connected to my sell sites that way*;-)
My Photography and other works can be found on Etsy 
where you can go to check out/ purchase them as prints and request special orders for any other items you may have interest in: 

 For various size Prints, Canvas works, Lap top skins or Iphone or Itouch covers as well as stationary cards with my photography visit:

Should you simply want to  custom order anything directly from me,just jot me a line on this site or email me!? 


Simply want to be a FAN come to












you can find a couple of music videos I put together on

I still need to up load my narratives* as well as more sound videos* (sure got plenty!)

yet I am contemplating at this point................ what it is I want to share!


Spoken words

I have always written things down, but never considered to play more with them.

gettin' my feet wet......splash.......


please refer to my experience and exploration page! I got quite a bit of stuff* would like to choregraph more pieces* I may put up the few I got on video*......




I dream of videography and photography documentation about anything that expansion of spoken words with visual means. Oh yes........feelin' it!


Got quite a few* refer to my experience and exploration page! Mainly music, video and dance projects. I may put those documented up as well........sometime soon.



MUSIC* My greatest passion of all*still to tap into deeper......

currently a couple can be found with video on does not mean I intend to do my music that way exclusively*just palying around!*They are made with my home equipment....

I have acoustic as well as other ideas of direction*I am not the greatest instrumentalist*but I claim to say I am a damn good singer*and my voice is my strongest instrument*
still venturing and exploring..................

so* I am in a state of flux with that*