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 MANUFESTO (revised 2009)

There is pain,
but I herewith declare that love and creativity inject me with my true citizenship
for my daughter
for my lover
for my friends
for my life
for those
who are considered meek
in a dogmatic world of black and white
strong and weak
to keep me breathing, feeling, thinking, learning, growing
doing the work....taking action....infinite..... on going......._

There is anger,
but love and creativity are and have been,
my center
uncovering, undoing all laws of agony, pain
and injustice of human greed
and ugliness instilled within me,
without my choice when I was born._
they are my shelter from superficial insignificance,
the truth that determines the color of my skin or the words I speak
away from pestering minds assuming
my identity?

There is sadness,
but love and creativity are and have been
the instance between past and future
revealing, healing, retrieving,
exonerating my decrepit innocence
to infuse my hope of liberation
as deep as I can feel them
live them
inhale them and practice them._

there is doubt,
but love and creativity are and have been,
my music, my passion, a place, a state of mind, a way of living
rushing into me, larger than life
into my bare bones, my scared heart, seeking self and my analyzing mind._

There is insecurity,
but love and creativity ask me
to encourage mirth when I make a fool of myself
to make me vulnerable when I want to be hard
to challenge me when I take for granted what I have
to make me patient when I want to rush._

There is greed
but love and creativity console me
to make me unselfish when I want to possess
to take another look when I am satisfied
to demand my deepest self of which I cannot speak about._
to give all
I have when someone needs me
For no reward at all._

to humble my arrogance when I deny the thought that
I know nothing at all,
all is in my hands at every moment
to live it deeply and choose what to do with it
to be thankful
I live another day._

There is fear,
but love and creativity push me
to relinquish control I never had to begin with
to be adrenalized by the pounding beats of my heart as I take risks
facing my greatest fears
to pick me up and embrace me
when I stand stagnant in my self created pools of mud
never to give in when doubts cut marks into my flesh
like the doom of judgment day, when yet, God I have never met._

There is hopelessness,
but love and creativity are my sane keepers
tucked within my pores as I sweat upon the fulfillment of my vision without a map
to discover and be surprised
seeking yet finding
as time is fused with all that exists in my life cycle
creativity and love are, have been and will be
the true flux of my being until the day I fall 2 dust.